CBD B2B E-Commerce

CBXD® has Developed a Unique Enterprise CBD B2B E-Commerce Platform Offering Integrated Software Solutions to Brands, Growers, Distributors, Wholesalers, Online E-Commerce Stores, Retailers & Private or White Label Solution companies.


As the CBD industry continues to grow into new jurisdictions, we are seeing CBD & hemp uses for medical and health related purposes expanding in US, Canada & Worldwide. People are buying CBD & hemp products in their brick and mortar local & in online stores.CBD B2B E-Commerce Website

For CBD brands, hemp growers, CBD distributors, online stores & retail companies hoping to make their mark in the industry, setting up their own B2C e-commerce shop is the best way to gain visibility online and get more customers to their website.

For those that lack the acumen for web design & development, there is a list of B2B cannabis companies that can help you set up your e-commerce shop.

This is where CBX e-commerce that can be fully integrated with various platforms comes in, with its full-featured marketing software that’s designed to make it easy for retailers to turn their websites into an e-commerce marketplace allowing customers to browse search-engine friendly menus, choose between pickup or delivery, and even categorize & save their favorite product.

Our e-commerce platform also allows CBD brands, cultivators, distributors & wholesalers to setup their shop and sell to retailers & consumers (D2C) where buyers are able to browse & shop multiple brands all in one convenient cart. Our interactive and user friendly dashboard showcasing your orders, sales, buyers, generated leads, products, coupons and more.