Velxtech-CBD Healthcare Hardware Supplier-OEM/ODM available Claimed

Quality atomizing hardware: vape pen, cartridges, battery, disposable

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VELXTECH is an innovative atomizing technical solution provider.

We offer quality CBD/THC vaporizers like cartridges, batteries, pods and disposables. Welcome white label and OEM/ODM inquiries. 

As a subsidiary brand of GeekVape Technology, one of the largest and most recognized brands in the vaping industry, we are dedicated to utilizing our resources to ensure quality hardware for quality oils in order to deliver the best vaping experience.

We research, develop, design, and manufacture atomizing appliances and accessories.

We specialize in atomizers and supported by our extensive experience in batteries, electronics, and design.


We offer custom-made atomizer appliances based on individual extracts formulas to maximize the performance of your extracts and to enhance user experience during and after atomizing.

We create tailor-made solutions for clients based on their application scenarios. We customize our R&D and manufacturing to ensure product quality meets customer satisfaction.

Product list:

Cartridge: GA-219/220, OA-229/260, GA-254/255, GA-245/252

Battery: Prism, Esso Pod, Esso Disposable, MIMO KIT


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For bulk purchase, please send an email to [email protected] or order on

For individual purchase, please visit